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World's #1 YouTuber
 for Funny Commercials.

#1 worldwide for Commercials, Funny Commercials,

and Super Bowl Commercials (Google and YouTube Search, March 2022),

more than 120,000,000 views, 110,000 subscribers,

10,000,000 hours watch time.

Enjoy compilation videos

that will put                                          

                         a smile on your face.

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"Cool stuff! Totally worth watching!" ​



"You are a legend!"



"Thanks for uploading these. Made my day."


Austrian author for fiction, nonfiction,

and something in between.

9 books, 40 publications

and other contributions from political philosophy,

epistemology, and phenomenology to poems, short stories,

a fantasy novel and autobiographical works.

All in German. Perfect time


to learn the language.

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“Absolutely recommendable! A really great book!”


Female reader:

“I rarely read through a book in one go, but today I did.”


Male reader:

"The most beautiful love poems I have read in my life.”


Public speaker with a personal

touch for professional impact.

More than 40 public speeches 

from art exhibitions to international business events.

Entertaining keynotes, humorous statements, insightful talks

and readings, unusual maverick openers.

Enjoyable on individual request

for all occassions. Almost all.

                                     Almost all.

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German CEO:

"Knowledge and entertainment are elegantly interwoven here”

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Reader of a speech:

“I have never come across a speech with so much intelligence, wit, humor” 


Event organizer:

"You took the cake, and everyone took your contribution

home with a smile on their lips" 


Creative Director for advertising
agencies and glorious clients.

20 years of experience, 12 years of which self-employed.

Brand management, communication strategy, concepts, copywriting,

public relations, a lot of marketing, and everything social media.

Enhancing your standing and strengthening

your performance. You'r welcome. 

                                       You're welcome.

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“You hit the nail right on the head! 

You are simply ingenious!”

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“In a nutshell: super!!”

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Client's customer:

“This is the best advertising I have ever received”


My life.
In 356 words.


​Dalibor Truhlar was born 1969 in Czechoslovakia. In 1981 he and his family fled to Austria. He studied Philosophy, Political Science, Philosophy of Science and Systematic Theology at the University of Vienna (PhD).


Since 2002 he lives in Wilhering near Linz and works as an author, public speaker and creative director.

​He is a Regular Member of the University Centre for Peace Research Vienna, a member of Masaryk's Democratic Movement Prague, Chairman of the Intercountry Committee Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Chair for Public Image in the Rotary District 1920.


In 2014-15 he had his own comedy show DaliTV, which was broadcast by the Upper Austrian television LLTV.



Among his academic publications are more than 20 papers in the fields of philosophy, political theory and contempory history, including the books "Thomas G. Masaryk" Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 1994 (192 pages), and "Demokratismus" Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2006 (224 pages).

His other works include the humorous poems "Gedichtchen" Trauner Verlag, Linz 2012 (192 pages), the light-hearted love poems "lyrisches und AMORatisches" Trauner Verlag, Linz 2012 (104 pages) and the short stories "Geschichtenallerlei" Trauner Verlag, Linz 2013 (328 pages).

More books

Even more books

In 2014 he published his fantasy novel "Arnamuel" Trauner Verlag Linz (560 pages), an action-packed parody of the fantasy genre. 


In 2016 he wrote "Fragemente", which tells the story of his family's flight to Austria. In 2017 his “Bad Kreuzener Idyllen” followed, a literary follow-up to the “Bad Kreuzener Idyllen”, which his father had composed in 1981 for guitar. 

​In 2018 his compilation videos of funny commercials became a hit on Youtube. In 2019 he was one of the most successful Youtubers in Austria and reached 13th place in the SB rank.


In 2020 he had his international breakthrough and is today the leading Youtuber in the world in the Funny Commercials category.


New book

In 2020 he wrote "Insulinom" (259 pages), his first E-Book-only, in which he describes his struggle with an insulinoma, the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of this rare disease.


It is the first book of its kind in German-speaking countries and achieved first place in the German Amazon Kindle Shop in its category.

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